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Gửi hình và video bằng Viber qua phone Android /

Run Viber on your Android phone. Start a conversation from the Chats tab or choose a contact from the Contacts tab and then open the chat window, you will then get a screen like below.

Cách gửi hình hay video bằng Viber .
- Mở Viber trên phone Android và bắt đầu nói chuyện ; hay chọn 1 ai đó trên contact  mở chat window , bạn sẽ thấy 1 màn hình như dưới . 
viber chat window on android phone
Nhấp vào dấu + Add , nằm bên góc trái dưới của màn hình Viber , (hình trên) , một dialogue sẽ hiện ra , (hình dưới) và bạn có nhiều chọn lựa .
Bạn có thể chụp 1 ảnh và gửi cho bạn ngay lập tức hay : 
- Bạn có thể quay 1 video và share cho bạn .
- Nếu ảnh hay video có sẵn trong Gallery , hảy chọn Gallery và sau đó đến Gallery chọn ảnh hay video để gửi qua Viber . 
Touch the + Add button from Viber chat window. You can find it at the bottom left corner of your Viber chatting screen. After that a pop-up dialogue displays on your mobile phone screen, you can find many options to share your files and data on the phone. 
 .For example, you can take a photo using your mobile phone camera and send it to your friend instantly; you can record a video and share it on your Android phone, you can share your current location so as to meet someone easily, etc. If your photos and videos have been saved in your Camera folder or Gallery folder on your mobile phone, choose the Gallery, you will then be able to browse to your Camera or Gallery folder on Android phone and send the media files via Viber for Android. See below screenshot.

send photos videos via viber for android
Trong trường hợp những video hay ảnh này Save ở đâu đó , bạn có thể nhấp nút "Send File" trên màn hình trên để tới tập tin (folder) hay directory đó , nơi mà ảnh và video đã được Save và gửi chúng qua Viber . 
In case of the videos or photos saved somewhere else, you can tap on the “Send File” button from above screen to browse to the folder or directory where your photo or video is saved and transfer them through Viber.

Bulk photos and videos transfer between mobile phones

Although Viber, WhatsApp and other chat apps can help smartphone users get their photos and videos transferred easily. We also noticed some of the drawbacks. For example, bulk media file transfer requires fast Wi-Fi connection. You do not want to spend too much time during the heavy files exchange when Wi-Fi is not available. You may want to avoid the waste of your cellular data when you want to batch transfer HD photos or videos. If you are switching phones and want to migrate data from one phone to new phone, we recommend you this solution to transfer data between Samsung phone and Lenovo mobile.

Back up Viber chats history to computer

To transfer your Viber messages from phone to computer, you need a professional Viber backup software. Otherwise you will only be able to transfer photos and videos from Viber to computer one by one, and what’s worse many other files and documents will be left out, such as those text messages, voice messages, musics, PDF, Word, Excel and more files you received through Viber. Here is an easy way to back up Viber Chats from iPhone to Mac.

Lost photos and videos in Viber chats?

By default Viber is set to auto download media files when connected to Wi-Fi. Sometimes however you might delete those important photos, videos or other files sent or received in Viber conversations by mistake. If you have this trouble, you need to use an Android data recovery to retrieve them. This tutorial to recover deleted photos from Samsung galaxy phone is highly recommended. It works with many other Android phones as well, like HTC, LG, Sony, Sharp, Lenovo, Nexus, Mo

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