Thursday, January 28, 2021


Redditor Phaenthi uploaded a map that shows which countries in the world American states’ GDP overtakes.

What you see is that the U.S. generates more money a year than much of the world put together, but it also reveals some mind blowing stats.

“Minnesota has a population of ~5.5 million and Nigeria has a population of ~175 million.” According to Mic, this statistic would mean that the average Minnesotan has at least the same wealth as 32 average Nigerians.

The state of Texas’ GDP in 2012 was $1.4 trillion, greater than Mexico’s $1.18 trillion, despite the fact that Mexico has more than four times the population of Texas.

New York City alone is one of the world’s greatest financial centers with a GDP of $1.2 trillion, so it’s no surprise that the whole state beats the entire country of South Korea with a GDP of $1.12 trillion.

California’s GDP in 2012 was $2 trillion, far exceeding the entire country of Canada’s haul of $1.82 trillion. It’s widely known that California alone is also one of the largest economies in the world.

Almost surprisingly, Illinois beat the oil-rich country of Saudi Arabia, though unsurprisingly, Chicago is also one of the richest cities in the world, raking in $524 billion, according to Technosio.

Of course, without an adjusted cost of living or the median household income, this map only shows the financial generation of each state and not how individuals in the states actually live.

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