Wednesday, March 24, 2021


"Letter to a friend of mine : 

Dear . . . ,

A  friend of ours has severe insomnia . May be she got a severe sad moment or something else . As a Buddhist , I always think "Life is impermanent" , I mean maybe today I'm happy but tomorrow I'll not . Our life changes almost every MINUTE ; so I always try not being angry with someone because I may REGRET IT in future . As you see , I tried to be NICE to everyone in this building . Sometimes , I was ANGRY with someone and I thought he or she would never meet me but they continued to see me because I have some skills in English and computer . As you knew , my pronunciation is not good as native-born American but they (my friends or neighbors) need someone could translate their paperworks into Vietnamese . 

When I was young , I was often sick and I dropped class before graduating high school , I mean I only studied with DIFFICULTY 11th grade in Vietnam . Because of this , I was DISDAINED  by a lot of people . To overcome this suffering , I self-taught English by reading English books and magazines . After 1975 , I spent almost six years in re-education camps . Afterwards , I continued to self-teach English and since 2002 , I self-taught computer by reading books in library or ordering books in . I almost forgot , I was a tutor in Math for two years for students - just came from Vietnam so they could do their homeworks . 

When my doctor ask me " What are you doing now ? " I say , I am mentor in computer for my friends . She say , "Are you an expert ?" , I reply , No , I am the one-eyed man in the village of blinds ! (continued)

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