Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Good afternnon,
I bought a sony DVX-9000R but without card memory.
Can you please help me and tell me what the reference is for the memory card?
Many thanks
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Re: SONY DVX-9000R

Hi cugumelo, welcome to the Sony Forums smile happy
I can't find a DVX-9000R among current or previous Sony cameras confused
I do hope it's not a DVX-900 you have (they usually look like this) as I'm afraid it is a well-known fake, not a Sony camera at all. I have no idea which memory card you would use for that; if it uses SD cards just get a good quality Class 6 or better – and make sure it's genuine branded one!
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Re: SONY DVX-9000R

Hi Mick2011
Many thanks your help.
Enclosed please find picture of the sony that i have.
Do you think that is fake?Any idea of the type of memory card for this?
Once again thanks.
Best regards

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