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 "According to R Riesen book, the Hre nation was divided into:

The Northern Hre who fomented the 1949 revolt and from which they were drawing their guerrillas and partisans. They came under the outposts of Mambuk, Vimouk and Dakto
The southern Hre of Gia Vuc and Mankra who did not take part in the rebellion. Their land had not yet been occupied by the Viet-Minh who were mainly fighting in the Binh-Dinh province. This obviously made them more open to French influence, but there alliance would only be achievable via the Northern Hre which were already fighting on the French side.
In 1949 the Hre serving under Viet-Minh mutinied and using their weapons massacred 5000 Viets including settlers. In fear of heavy reprisal to follow, the mutineers converged to Kon Plong, Mambuk and Dakto asking the French for armed support. The Vietminh were quick in their reprisal and reoccupied momentary lost grounds while massacring the Hre population left behind. The Rebel Hre either went into maquis with French help or enlisted into French partisans forces to free their country of the Viet Minh in a movement called the "DOC LAP HRE" , the "Hre independence movement" for which the Kon Plong officers where devoted to."
Before his death René
managed to write a second book
"Le silence du ciel" - "The silence of the sky"
This book retrace his adventure with the French Colonial paratroopers & the GCMA and was published in 1956 but was never translated to English.
Jungle Mission
Author: René Riesen
Publisher: Crowell (1957)
Language: English
ASIN: B0007ED6N2
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