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Will Clorox Clear a Drain?

All drains are prone to getting a clog from time to time. Calling a plumber is expensive and not always necessary. Finding an easy way to clear a clogged drain with on-hand cleaning supplies is the best solution. Clorox bleach probably won't clear most drain clogs, but there are other household cleaning items that are non-toxic solutions that can help clear drains. Clorox bleach is good to use for maintenance on drainpipes. Keeping a drain clear with regular cleaning and maintenance will help reduce clogged drains.
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Unclogging the Drain

Bleach is not the recommended solution to unclog a drain. According to Public Health and Social Services, combining baking soda and vinegar is the best solution to clear out those drains. It is also a green solution. Other effective home remedies involve removing the strainer and manually clearing the drain and/or using a plunger with a hot water flush. Clorox also makes Liquid-Plumr, a heavy duty drain opener, for those stubborn clogs.

Keeping the Drain Clear

According to the Clorox company, "the bathroom sink drain needs to be cleaned at least weekly." Using bleach to clean and flush the drain weekly will help cut down on the number clogs to the drain. Just one cup (8 oz.) of bleach followed by a hot water flush and will clean the drain and smell fresh. Another method to keep drains running is to pour about 12 oz. of liquid bleach into the drain at night before going to bed. The bleach will sit in the pipes and help soften debris, so in the morning a simple flush will keep the drain running clear. Do this once a month for clean drain lines. If you have stainless steel sinks, make sure not to get any bleach on the outside of the drain. This will make a permanent stain. Another drain tip is to run hot water through the drain periodically to keep debris and oils flushed away so they don't settle and clog the drain.

Safety Precautions

Bleach is a chemical and when mixed with other chemicals can be toxic or have toxic fumes. Never mix bleach with another cleaner. A man in Fort Worth, Texas, tried to unclog his drain by mixing bleach and drain cleaner and the combination created a deadly chlorine gas that "landed seven people in the hospital," according to the Environmental Service Center in Houston, Texas. Never mix bleach with ammonia. The combination of the two products results in a toxic gas.

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