Saturday, October 18, 2014

How to Make Free iPhone to iPhone International Calls With Viber

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With so many apps on the App Store that offer users the ability to call using VoIP (Voice over IP) it has become increasingly difficult to tell which one is truly the best. Of all these apps however, Viber has proven to be one of the best, offering users constant updates and improvements that have made it one of the favorite ones among all similar apps available.
Let’s see some of the aspects of Viber that make it easy and convenient to use while also helping it stand out from other similar apps and services.
Viber for iPhone
One of the most important features of Viber is that once installed the app integrates seamlessly with your phone number, making it your User ID. This in turn, provides Viber with one of its main advantages over other similar applications: Instead of relying on buddy lists or lists of friends that you have to add and accept individually, Viber can instantly detect who among your friends have the app installed and will show them you with a sign next to their names.
Viber Contacts
By using Viber, you can make local and international calls to any user of the app without cost over either Wi-Fi or cellular connection (data costs apply). For calling non-Viber users, the app also includes a dialer so you don’t need to exit Viber to call someone that doesn’t have the app installed.
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Viber Dialer
And since it is a VoIP app, Viber comes with push notifications built right in. That way you don’t need to have Viber open in order to be able to receive calls.
In addition to all the features mentioned above, Viber also doubles as an SMS app, allowing users to send unlimited text messages to each other for free (data costs apply of course).
Viber Chat
Overall, Viber is an excellent calling app that comes with some very smart features and that integrates seamlessly with one’s contacts. Best of all, it is free, so there is no reason not to try it.
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