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 Chronology of events:Here again, the chronology of the events must be separated into two periods, the year 1946 when each squadron has its own history, and then the following years when the regiment is largely regrouped.from 1946 to 1947:The 1st squadron:On March 1, 1946, the 1st squadron left Saigon for Middle Laos where it will reinforce the units of Lieutenant-Colonel Crevecoeur to whom General Leclerc entrusted the command of the Laos forces.on March 9th, the squadron is in Pakse, at the CP of the French forces of Laos.from March 11 to 17, the cuirassiers took part in the action of a group that liberated the city of Savannakhet after a serious collision with the Chinese and the loss of 16 infantry from the 5th RIC (4 killed and 12 wounded).from March 18 to 21, the capture of Thakhek will be the hardest fight given during the liberation of Laos. The Lao-viet garrison that holds the city has 1300 men entrenched in fortified facilities and has a heavy armament. The French losses are serious: 19 killed including 4 officers, but the enemy is decimated, he has nearly 400 dead and he is made 150 prisoners.from March 22 to 26, a column comprising the 1st Squadron is responsible for clearing RC 9 connecting Savanhakheth to Hue. Baptized "Alpha Column" it reaches Lao-Bao, on the border of Annam, on the 26th after having reconquered the city of Tchepone held by 300 viets, recognized 28 bridges and underwent some ambushes.on March 29, after the negotiations of Khe-Sang of March 28, the "Alpha column" resumed its progress, slowed down, with the approach of Hue, by the numerous dams of viet-Minh which wants to demonstrate that the passage of the French is subject to his authorization. Hue is reached in the middle of the afternoon under the cheers of a crowd waving tricolor flags.from March 29 to May 6: Installation and stay in the capital of the Annam emperors where the unit will be relieved by a squadron of the 1st regiment of chasseurs on horseback.May-June, retreat to Laos, then July-August return to Saigon.2nd Squadron:On April 5, 1946, the 2nd Squadron left Saigon for a destination that remained secret until departure. By RC 13 and via Cambodia, he headed for Laos where, after a 1500-kilometer raid, he joined a French group tasked with liberating Ventian, the administrative capital of North Laos and then Luanhg-Praban. religious capital, and release the king who is held prisoner there.From April 5th to 10th, in stages northwards, after passing Pakse, the squadron arrives on the 10th at Savannakhet, where Lieutenant-Colonel Crevecoeur's advanced CP is. He confirmed the mission of the squadron to be in Ventian no later than 25 April.April 13th to 25th: After a first stage in Thakhek which is reached on the 13th, the only existing track, abandoned for a long time, is invaded by lush vegetation. Despite the difficulties, on April 15, the village of Ban-Loa-Ka is reached, on the 16th, that of Ban-Boc (just 5km from the previous one), on April 21 the Nam-Ca Dinh river is crossed on a tray patched and on the 24th, the cuirassiers are at Paksane, 20 km from Ventiane. The deadline has been respected.On April 25th, with the other French formations that went to Ventian, the squadron, ready for battle, invests the city and finds a completely empty city. The Lao-Issarak rebels fled to Thailand and the 93rd Chinese division occupying the area retreated north to Luang-Prabang.On April 27, the pursuit is launched, the 93rd Division which is headed for China is outdated. Successively the villages held by the Lao are conquered: Ban-Namon, Vang-Vieng, Ban-Patang and Muong-Kassy who opposes a little more resistance and where the French, who do not deplore any loss in their ranks, will take a little rest.April 30, departure from Muong-Kassy to the north and the Phou-Khoum rock barrier (1658m). On this narrow and slippery road, often lined with precipices, crowded with giblets, cut by rickety bridges where destroyed, the cuirassiers finally arrive on May 4th in the valley, close to their object. A surprise awaits them there, the 93rd Chinese division, passed by the mountain preceded them and intends to prohibit the road of Luang-Prabang. Three days of negotiations will be necessary to obtain the right of passage without having to fight with our "allies".From 7 to 12 May, the French regroup for the final leap, the squadron waiting in the village of Xien-Ngeun.on May 12, an ultimatum is issued to the Chinese who occupy the city. They evacuate it in the night of the 12th to the 13th and the French troops enter the city where they are acclaimed by the population.from May 16 to June 9: departure from Luang-Prabang, arrived in ventian on the 23rd, parade at Ventiane in front of General Leclerc on June 9th.His mission ended, the squadron left Laos and by the same route as the one to go, he joined Saigon at the beginning of the month

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