Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A prayer came true

Before 1975 , I was an officer of the late Republic of Viet nam armed forces . After the fall of saigon , I was a prisoner of the communist Viet nam .
In 1977 , I was detained in a prison in the northwestern mountainous province of Hoang Lien Son . This concentration camp is near to the Chino-Vietnamese border . the wardens divided us into 21 groups of “production” (about 40 prisoners each ) .
around dec of 1977 , in fear of an imminent chinese invasion , they decided to transfer us to a prison in the province of ha nam ninh (adjacent to hanoi) . belonging to the first stage , my group and seven others assembled in the prison meeting room . i remember that about (40 x 7 =) 280 persons were present there . at that time , i had had troublesome diarrhea .
the wardens began to read the list . having known this move is an ordeal (two or three days in crammed trucks and each pair of prisoners are tied by handcuffs) , i sincerely prayed .
i entreated god to help me to stay in the camp until the next transfer . after ending the call , they asked if any name had not been called . at that moment , i surprisingly realized that only two persons (an other prisoner and myself) were not on the list . after this miraculous event , i had enough time to treat the above health problem . i left the camp with the last stage two weeks later .
i always think in the most extreme conditions , in order for our prayers to be answered , they must be right and reasonable . in the future , i shall tell you about my other interesting spiritual experiences .

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